Imagine a universal key to your professional success that would open doors and opportunities in a wide range of sectors anywhere in the world

According to the statistics portal,, in 2014, 37.7 million Germans indicated that they perceive professional success as extremely important. The fundamental need for financial and social success, recognition, career opportunities and lifestyle satisfaction were paramount.

However, in these current times of transition and modernisation many obstacles are put in our way. Unlike our grandparents’ generation, we seldom have one job for the rest of our lives. Within large companies with complicated management structures the individual disappears in the crowd.

If the business is too small competition is fierce and bright ideas that could improve sales figures are lacking. It’s more important than ever to stand out, in a positive way, and to set yourself apart from others.

Therefore what you need is an all-round recipe for success. One that is equally valuable in all sectors and gives your skills and professional knowledge that special edge.

What is it?

The key to these hidden treasures is: Digital Marketing!

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What Online Marketing has got to do with your career success can be explained quickly

Let’s look at 3 true examples of Online Marketing success:

Our first example is Jens who studied business administration. For 8 years Jens has been working in a medium-sized business that specialised in the sales of kitchen supplies. His boss assigns him the task of improving the sales figures. He starts looking for the most effective approach.

Example number two is Jessica, who fulfilled her dream some time ago. She is running her own small café. What wasn’t part of the plan was that she would be getting behind with the rent. How could she raise her profile? Her dream includes her business standing out from the mass of other small cafés.

And last, but not least, Natalie. Very highly motivated, she starts out as a trainee in a Marketing Agency but has almost no practical experience and nobody really takes time to train her. Her ambition is ready to take off!

What connects these three is the need for an affordable, optimal and effective cross-sector solution: Online Marketing

  • With the help of an effective Online Marketing strategy a company can expand its reach from a regional to a national or even an international market. Around 40% of the world population has an internet connection today. (InternetlLiveStats)

  • Online Marketing breaks down the borders between large and small companies. Everyone has the opportunity to use this approach to their advantage – and after all, competition is said to stimulate businesses.

  • Another factor is the unbeatable savings made, since the costs for internet advertising are significantly lower than those for traditional offline campaigns. Additionally, an employee who has been trained in Digital Marketing significantly reduces the publicity costs compared to contractracting an external agency.

  • The success and/or failure of a campaign is statistically measurable with Online Marketing, which is why companies are increasingly redirecting their advertising budgets towards the internet.

Thanks to these convincing arguments the potential of Online Marketing is self-evident.

How did these advantages work out for Jens, Jessica and Natalie?

Jens started an email campaign and in combination with a humerous video he proved that kitchen supplies were the newest trend for the modern homemaker. He had made his mark and the sales figures increased noticeably over the next few months. And his boss? More than pleased! His next pay rise was a certainty!

Jessica’s little Café and her exceptional pastries are the talk of the town thanks to her Social Media campaign.

Using discount offers she has brought the whole neighbourhood into her shop. The strategy worked. Her café has not only increased its clientele but it also topped the TripAdvisor list for her city.

– As a trainee at a Marketing Agency Natalie got noticed at company strategy meetings due to her increased knowledge of marketing and clever ideas. She knew things that you would normally only learn after several years in this speciality. And this is how she landed herself a fixed contract as a Junior Consultant.

And now it is your turn.

We will show you how you can achieve similar success.

No matter whether you are an intern, a young professional, a long-term employee or a prospective freelancer, an extensive knowledge of Online Marketing can provide you with a head start in the business.

You can stand out from the grey mass of job applicants - be brave! show your true colours! become visible!

At our trainings here in Tenerife we show you how you can apply the correct digital strategies in the right place in order to achieve your goals. It doesn’t matter whether you already have prior knowledge, have been working in a company for years or are setting out in the vast field of Digital Marketing for the first time – our trainings are geared towards the needs of the individual.

Irrespective of your enrolment in the beginner’s or advanced course or if your special interest is in projects, working for an agency or on your own websites, our aim is that you achieve your potential and gain the greatest possible benefit from this programme. We prepare you to take on new challenges.

Our team consists of passionate Online Marketers with many years of experience, and the required amount of a free spirit! This, combined with the idyllic subtropical environment of Tenerife, guarantees you the ability to expand your mind with new ideas and concepts.

At the end of your stay, and after several weeks of workshops, you will return home, not only with memories of an amazing experience, but with renewed energy and enthusiasm, ready climb the ladder to an even more successful career.

You need more reasons to join us in Tenerife? No problem. We collected our favorite reasons for choosing Tenerife. Read them here! And we hope to see you soon.

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