For those of you who are wondering if our trainings in Tenerife are the right choice…here are my 10 best reasons for heading south!

1. Tenerife, The Dream Island

Tenerife is and always will be my dream island. Nowhere else in the world is there a better climate – with mild temperatures and more than 300 sunny days per year. Never too hot in summer and warm in winter. Beaches, a coastline with dramatic cliffs, and an amazingly varied landscape – that´s Tenerife!

El Teide, at 3.817m, dominates the volcanic mountain landscape and being the highest mountain of Spain rises majestically out of the blue Atlantic Ocean. Apart from skiing and rodeo, you can do almost every sport all year round. There are lots of cultural activities, a thriving folkloric tradition and the next fiesta is waiting just around the corner. Did you know that the Carnival here is the second largest in the world after Rio de Janeiro? And it lasts for 2 weeks! You see, it’s never dull here!

2. A Stay Abroad Bonus

For your CV work experience abroad is definitely a plus and having been to Tenerife is no exception. On the contrary, your (future) boss will think: “Digital Marketing Training in Tenerife? How cool is that???”

From our past students we know that this was one of the most interesting points on their CV and an important factor in successful job applications.

3. Specialists for Digital Marketing Wanted

Of course, SEOintheSUN is all about Online Marketing. To put it simply; it´s about attracting lots of visitors on your website and turning them into customers who buy your products or services. And who needs Online Marketing Specialists? Right – everybody! Nowadays every company needs a website, but there are not enough specialists so there is a gap in the market..

4. The Best Trainers for You

All in all we are a couple of specialized trainers to help you: Frank, Semmy, Orsi, Sarah, Cesar, etc. Every one of them is specialized in an own field of Online Marketing. They acquired their knowledge from years of experience and you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t, with the help of examples. After work and at the weekend you won´t get rid of us either, then we show you what´s going on in Tenerife apart from SEO.

5. Self-employed or Working for A Company?

Have you checked out the topics we include in the seminars, workshops and training sessions yet? Our training schedules could not be more comprehensive! We cover almost the whole width and breadth of Internet Marketing and what’s more we show you how you can earn money with your own website. After one of our intense trainings you can decide if you want to be self-employed as an Internet Marketer or start working for a company.

6. More Workshops than Seminars

Our trainings are more the “Training on the Job” types. After one hour seminar we usually show you how we work. After that it’s workshop time and you will be actually doing  tasks using all the knowledge you acquired in the seminars and demonstrations.

7. Great Ambience

Think about the fact that the SEOintheSUN programme is located in a Spanish language school. The FU International Academy Tenerife has been open since 2000 and is the largest language school of the Canary Islands. In 2015 we opened a coworking space for digital nomads. You can’t beat the international atmosphere you feel here. We run our own FU Cafe which is open all day, it’s economical and has a large sun terrace for you to enjoy during the breaks. We are sure you will like our modern shared apartments and mixing with our language students.

8. Coworking Desk Can Be Added

Do you need to work on your own tasks after the training? You can have a desk at our Coworking Space for free.

9. We Speak English 

Our trainings are usually in English. But don’t worry, all our SEO trainers communicate clearly and are not difficult to understand. You will probably improve your English skills as well.

10. Friends for Life

Study, work, stay in, go out, and live with: your classmates, colleagues, trainers, teachers and 100’s of other people you meet here. The result?? Many new acquaintances and friends. Friends for life, important contacts for the future or even meet your soulmate, it wouldn’t be the first time!

Road: Milestone - SEOintheSUN

Milestone – SEOintheSUN

In each course we see that most of the participants see their stay at SEOintheSUN as a milestone. It’s a life-changing experience, you’ll find you get a “before” and “after Tenerife” feeling.

If you are curious to see how your life could take a turn for the better come and find out for yourself. Learn, work and celebrate your achievements with us. We are looking forward to seeing you!