Digital Marketing Strategy Course

in Tenerife

5 Days (30 hours) – 4-10 participants – Beginners
For Individuals | ERASMUS+ Staff Mobility (OID:E10017814) | Bildungsurlaub | Small Business


Starting Dates in 2024: 05.02., 01.04., 24.06., 19.08., 14.10., 18.11.

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Digital Marketing Strategy Course

in Tenerife

5 Days (30 hours) – 4-10 participants – Beginners
For Individuals | ERASMUS+ Staff Mobility (OID:E10017814) | Bildungsurlaub | Small Business


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Master the baseline of digital marketing & create your first online strategy!

frank trainer digital marketing

Is the layout of your website outdated and boring?
Want to significantly increase visitors to your site?
Do you need to convert more visitors into clients?

Our hands-on, practical one-week course is intended for anyone who has a website, looking to improve their digital presence and wants to get better rankings on Google. This could be anyone from teachers and staff who manage their school’s website and/or social media channels, to small business owners, to entrepreneurs, to anyone with a great business idea who plans on building or improving their website.

Regardless of your industry, size or profession our digital marketing strategy course provides you with the core knowledge to develop your online presence, create a winning website and puts you well on your way to being an expert digital marketer!

Learn how to:

  • improve your website layout
  • make your website more user friendly
  • create better content
  • apply psychological sales techniques
  • promote your events
  • get better rankings on Google
  • create your social media strategy

Worried about the ongoing marketing costs for your site? We understand the importance of creating a strategy on a budget, thus a wide range of freely available tools and techniques will be introduced and explored during this training course.

Get Trained by Us, Digital Marketing Specialists

Frank Sellingsloh
Frank SellingslohCEO & Trainer
Since 1999, I have been an enthusiastic digital marketer. I could spend my whole day (in fact I do) reading and thinking about marketing tactics & strategies. But what I like even more than learning about digital marketing, is teaching it to others. What could be better than sharing this knowledge and watching students learn, develop and grow as a new generation of digital marketers?
Content Marketing 90%
SEO 93%
Orsolya Vitos
Orsolya VitosSocial Media Manager
I am a social media addict, but not the way that you think! I’m addicted to learning and am absolutely passionate about exploring the secrets behind these channels: why and how does social media influence our lives, decisions and what are the latest digital trends? I wear a lot of hats within our company but most of my time is spent teaching amazing students from all around the world.
Social Media Marketing 96%
Project Management 85%
Katya Lopanitcyna
Katya LopanitcynaContent Manager
Having studied Communications, I understand that content creation is much more complex than we think. I love searching for ideas, organizing them and finally putting them all together. I love not only to create but also to teach and share my knowledge with others. When I watch our participants master a tool or understand how to create a strategy, It makes me very happy!
Content Marketing 94%
Project Management 85%
Veronika Wenigová
Veronika WenigováWebdeveloper & Project Manager
During my university studies, I started several side-businesses and learnt marketing and web development on the go. I think that everyone can learn that if they have enough curiosity. That’s why I teach the skills and knowledge that helps to build a foundation for an individual career in marketing, web development or any other overlapping area.
Webdesign / webdevelopment 87%
Project Management 95%

Learn Years‘ Worth of Knowledge in a Week!



  • Introduction to Digital Marketing – 45 min Seminar
  • Webdesign & UX Audit – What Makes a Great Website – 45 min Seminar
  • Conducting A Website Audit (Checklist) – 45 min Demonstration
  • Conducting Your Own Website Audit – 45 min Workshop
  • Landing Pages – How to Use Them – 45 min Seminar
  • Legal aspects related to websites – Seminar
  • We discuss how these laws differ from country to country and the implications for international organizations – Discussion

Following our introductory seminar on Digital Marketing, day 1 will consist of different modules, each related to creating effective websites.

First, you’ll learn key elements of what makes a good website, followed by a demonstration of how to conduct a website audit.

After a demonstration, you will conduct your own website audit in a workshop and write your website audit report. Being able to write a useful audit report will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your site’s current effectiveness.



  • Introduction to SEO – 45 min Seminar
  • Introduction to Keyword Research – 45 min Seminar
  • Conducting Your Own Keyword Research – 45 min Workshop
  • Elements of an SEO Site Audi– 45 min Demonstration / Workshop
  • Onsite Optimization with Keywords – 45 min Seminar
  • Google’s policy regarding political content – Seminar
  • We discuss the impact of these policies on political parties – Discussion

On day 2, we’ll teach you the essentials of Search Engine Optimization. Moreover, we will analyse your website and you will learn all about keyword research.

After the seminar introducing the key elements of SEO, we’ll show you in a live demonstration how to search for the right keywords and conduct a Ranking Status Report.

You’ll wrap up your day with hands-on practical training, where you will work independently to look for keywords relevant to your own business and also optimize your website.



  • Introduction to Content Marketing – 45 min Seminar
  • (Copy-)Writing for the Web – 45 min Seminar
  • The Content Quality Audit – 45 min Workshop
  • The Elements of a Content Strategy – 45 min Demonstration
  • Creating Your Content Strategy – 45 min Workshop
  • How political parties are using content marketing to engage with voters – Seminar
  • We discuss the role of content marketing in political campaigns and how it can be used to shape public opinion – Discussion

On day 3, we’ll teach you the concepts of content marketing and how to implement these strategies in your business. You will learn to write in such a way that your audience will love to consume your content.

After the seminar introducing the key elements of Content Marketing, we’ll show you how to conduct a content quality audit in order to optimize your content and to create a strategy.

At the end of the day during the workshop you will create your own content strategy.



  • Social Media & The Right Platform for You – 45 min Seminar
  • Your Social Media Activities on Autopilot – 45 min Demonstration
  • Creating a Social Media Audit – 45 min Demonstration
  • Conducting Your Own Social Media Audit – 45 min Workshop
  • Creating a Social Media Strategy – 45 min Demonstration
  • Case study on the use of social media in political campaigns – Seminar
  • We discuss the ethical implications of using social media for political purposes, including spreading misinformation – Discussion

Social Media is one of the most useful techniques for increasing website traffic in today’s marketing environment. On day 4 you’ll learn how to optimize your social media efforts in order to get the most out of this free marketing technique.

We’ll show you the best social media practices and platforms for your business, as well as powerful tools to put your social media activities on Autopilot.

You will be conducting your very own social media audit in a workshop and will use this data to create the social media strategy for your institution.



  • The Elements of Paid Advertisement Campaigns – 45 min Seminar
  • The Best Audience Type for Your Campaign  – 45 min Seminar
  • Creating a Facebook Ad Campaign – 45 min Demonstration
  • Closing discussion, feedback, certificates

Day 5 tackles the topic of paid online advertising and why it can be useful to you.

We’ll create a Facebook ad campaign from scratch in a live demonstration and apply the learnings to your business or institution in a practical workshop. Also, we’ll discover the different ways how to create the best performing target audiences.

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The 3 Pillars of Our Teaching Success


In our seminars we work with presentations and teach you the theory and the WHY of digital marketing and it’s elements.


We show you in our live demonstrations how we plan campaigns, create content, build a landing page, and so on.


In the workshops, you will implement on your own what you’ve learned before. We be looking over your shoulder to assist you.

Got some spare time after your classes?

Join our free weekly leisure activities …

  • Monday 2:30 pm – Visit to the Botanical Garden

  • Tuesday 2:30pm – Flamenco lessons

  • Thursday 2:30 pm – Salsa lessons

  • Friday 4 pm (winter) / 6 pm (summer) – Beach Volleyball

  • Weekends – There are plenty of things to do on the weekends.

    From local fiestas or pub crawls to hikes or sunbathing on the beach, the island of eternal spring surely has something for everyone.

  • People playing ping pong
  • Woman in nature taking photo
  • Hikers on Teide
  • Surfer smiling
  • People swimming on Tenerife
  • Beach Volleyball Players
  • Salsa Lessons
  • Flamenco Lessons
  • Botanical Garden

… or let us organize the best experiences Tenerife has to offer:


Teide Tour

Visit the highest mountain in Spain.

Excursion to The Teide National Park

You will visit La Orotava (a picturesque historic town close to Puerto de la Cruz). Then this will be followed by a visit to the Teide National Park with its dramatic volcanic landscape.


Masca Hike

Walk down along the gorge of Masca.

Masca Hiking & Boat Trip

You will take part in the 4-hour hiking tour passing through the impressive gorge of Masca until you reach the beach. After arriving at the sea, a boat will take you to Los Gigantes.


Loro Parque

Once a parrot parque, now a zoo.

Loro Parque - Europe's Best Zoo

In the Loro Parque, you will see a combination of magnificent animals and the biggest parrot collection in the world. You will be able to enjoy spectacular animal shows throughout the day.


Siam Park

The Water Kingdom of Tenerife.


You will spend one day at the biggest water park in Europe enjoying lots of exciting water attractions. The highlight of Siam Park is the “Tower of Power” which is 28 meters high.



Whale and dolphin tour on the west coast.

Whale Watching On A Catamaran

In a 4.5 hour excursion, you will enjoy sailing on a catamaran where you can spot whales and dolphins. While at the Masca Bay, you will be able to go for a swim.


Surf Lessons

10 hours of surfing for beginners.

Surfing for Beginners

You will spend the afternoons in the rolling waves on our local beach. Trained teachers introduce you to this exciting water sport – both in and out of the water.



PADI Open Water Diver - beginners & advanced.

Diving Course at Tenerife's Coastline

Qualified instructors will introduce you to the magnificent underwater world around Tenerife for 1 or 2 weeks. There’s a whole new world just waiting to be discovered.



Flying in tandem over Tenerife's landscape.

Paragliding Tandem Flight

With one of your fully qualified instructors, you will fly in a tandem from one of Tenerife’s various vantage points. Catch the rays and enjoy the dramatic landscape.

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