FrankFounder, CEO & Trainer

I Really Love Digital Marketing

In fact, I’ve been doing it since 1999 when I founded my first company, an online marketing agency. In the two decades that followed I developed a couple of my own online businesses in different industries and helped dozens of fellow business owners do the same.

Online Marketing is always changing, and that’s what I love about it. Not only am I spending multiple hours every day doing online marketing, but I am always learning about it too. I believe in a multi-media approach to my learning, so my resources vary from day to day, from books, to newsletters, to blogs, to podcasts, to Google, to online courses.

I guess you could call it passion.

And there’s nothing I like more than sharing my passion for online marketing with a new generation of marketers, teaching our students about digital marketing and all the elements surrounding it.

What could be better than sharing your passion and watching students learn, develop and grow?

¡Hablamos Español!

In 2004, I was given the opportunity to become manager and co-owner of the FU International Academy Tenerife in Puerto de la Cruz. We started as a very small operation back in 2004 as a Spanish language school. Now the FU International Academy has two locations in Tenerife and is the largest Spanish language school of the Canary Islands, having taught thousands of students over the years.

Working with the FU International Academy we have grown year on year and have developed a passionate base of highly skilled teachers, activity partners and happy alumni.

FU International Academy Tenerife

I continued my online marketing activities for clients in an extra department in the academy.  Our clients came mainly from the German educational industry due to my good connections there.

Having completed the structure of the core business after years of hard work and making sure everything was done to ensure that we would be on the path to success, I was finally able to come back to the scheme that has been tossing around in my head for years.

Teaching what I love so much

Everything starts with an idea. A persistent thought slowly but steadily manifests into a vision. Day in, day out, you think, you plan, and you create your business in your head, and puzzle pieces start to come together to make the entire picture. And finally, the passion that is behind this process becomes the engine, and drives you until the goal is reached. I think that every entrepreneur has experienced something similar.

This idea for me for so many years was to teach. Teach what I’ve been most successful in, teach what I’m really passionate about, teach digital marketing.

digital marketing seminar

Early in 2010, I finally started SEOintheSUN – a digital marketing school – where my team of expert marketers and I teach what we practice successfully everyday both on our own site and our clients’ sites.

We know that the success in online marketing comes only through immediately implementing what’s we’ve learned and putting it into practice. For this reason, our combination of daily seminars and workshops that focus on practical tasks has proven to be very successful.

Today, SEOintheSUN has become a starting point in digital marketing for hundreds of students, marketers and professionals from all over Europe.

Our Shift to Productized Services…

In 2016, I thought it was time for something new. Due to our huge success in the training sector (180 students in 2016 alone) we were having less and less time to do the clients’ work with dozens of different tasks, always changing, back and forth, plus endless communication on the phone and via email.

I thought that there must be a better way to deliver digital marketing services, a way that suits the needs of our clients and delivers exactly what they want.

Over a couple of weeks we hit the reset button and we reduced our clients to ZERO. We had finally the time to work an a new services concept that we were fancying for quite a while: Productized Services.

A Productized Service is a service that you sell as if it were a product. It has a standardized list of features that describe in detail what you do. Productized Services have a fixed price and delivery date.

There are lots of benefits in Productized Services offers, both for us and our clients. The most important ones:

  • Our clients know what to expect, when to expect it and how it works.
  • Our clients get high quality outcome at fantastic prices.
  • The process of our services are defined and fixed.
  • We get paid upfront.

For every single service we have to create standard operating procedures (SOPs) which are easy to learn by our team members and… easy to teach to our students!

Finally we can say with total truth: We practise what we teach! Or better: we teach the exact service that we charge our clients for.

If you want to join us for a while on our exciting journey, sign up for the newsletter or visit us here in Tenerife, we’d love to see you!

Warmest regards from Tenerife or as we say here:

See you in the sun!

Frank & the SITS Team.

We All Love Digital Marketing

FrankCEO & Trainer
Since 1999, I have been an eager online marketer and I still spend every day working on improving websites. When it comes to SEO, I’m totally in sync with Google and their white-hat SEO approach. I try to build valuable content to achieve high rankings and to become an authority website.
OrsiSocial Media Manager & Trainer
I am a social media addict, but not in the way that you think. I am absolutely passionate about exploring the secrets behind these channels: why and how does social media influence our lives and our decisions? Most of my time is spent teaching amazing students from all around the world.
SarahContent Marketing Manager & Trainer
I always loved to write. After attending Digital Marketing courses at SEOintheSUN myself in 2016, I’m now responsible for the content marketing at the company. I also really enjoy the visual part of content marketing as it is not only about text but also images and videos. The best is that I can even teach what I love to our students.
MarcSEO Consultant & Trainer
I started working at SEOintheSUN in 2017 during a project for 6 weeks, and I enjoyed my work here so much that I came back and stayed for good. I like working “under the hood”, therefore my main responsibilities in SEO and website maintenance are the perfect fit for me.
CesarInbound Marketer & Trainer
I am passionate about digital marketing, lead generation and customer acquisition using the internet as a tool for this purpose. I have spent the last 5 years developing inbound marketing strategies for small businesses where I was concentrating on SEO, content creation, and conversion optimization.
GeorgeSEO Consultant & Trainer
SEO is a job, but also a game to me. I love the way all the pieces come together and change with every Google update. You will see websites I’ve ranked in some highly profitable searches, in a range of industries. Built into my client SEO business are systems with an outsourced team behind me.

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