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Let Us Help You
Become Successful Online

Let Us Help You
Become Successful Online

Affordable Digital Marketing Services for WordPress Websites

We are NOT your typical Digital Marketing agency.

Digital Marketing doesn’t have to be daunting, we have broken down how online success can be achieved into more manageable, specialized areas.

This means you can choose your digital needs a la carte at reasonable fixed prices. Our monthly revision process and constant updates ensure that we keep every single service up to the industry’s best practice standards.

We take pride in our work and aim to help you create a strong, meaningful and effective digital presence, every time.

Digital Marketing Services for WordPress Websites
Digital Marketing Services for WordPress Websites

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Unique Training Programmes that Combine Daily Seminars, Live Demos and Workshops.

We practise what we teach!

For almost 10 years we have been hosting online marketing classes allowing a new generation of marketers, students and beginners to gain invaluable knowledge in the field of digital marketing.

We have facilitated classes for people from all over Europe, this training has been supported by European funded programmes like Erasmus+ and the German educational leave: “Bildungsurlaub”.

By taking advantage of our expertise, you will learn in a few weeks what most people learn in a few years.


Join Hundreds of Happy Alumni!


Warm and always supportive staff

Thanks to the warm and always supportive staff it was easy to complete the tasks given and gain more knowledge of tools like Canva, Trello and various Social Media outlets. I’m very thankful to have had the opportunity to be an intern at the academy. Not only did I learn a lot and acquire new skills, but I also met many cool people from all over the world.

Destiny Germany

The tutors are amazing

The tutors there are amazing. The sessions delivered were well planned and the content was interesting and was adapted to our needs. I regret not having enough time for hands-on practical training but hopefully, we will come back for another project and do just that – pursue a continuation of what we started (the advanced course).

Marion Cutajar Head of a Maltese School

We got to know Canva and Trello

A big thank you to the Fu international academy for having us here, teaching us about Online marketing and improving our social skills. My favorite week was definitely the first week, where we got to know Canva, Trello, edited the photos and made postcards. And all the Salsa, Bachata lessons that were so fun!

Iris Slovenia

Being aware of the importance of SEO

The SEO Boot Camp gave me a really detailed overview of SEO. I was a complete beginner when I came to Tenerife and, after a one week course at SEOintheSUN, I left the island with a bunch of new knowledge that will help me to optimize our company’s webpage. I’m now aware of the importance of SEO and of how many mistakes we were making. Our trainers gave us interesting examples from their digital marketing experience. This made the course even more exciting. Besides the gained knowledge, I extremely enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere at SEOintheSUN. I would definitely recommend this course to all SEO beginners!

Katarina Kovac Slovenia

A full understanding of the concepts

“I took part in the one-week SEO Boot Camp and had a wonderful experience. I am really happy about how much I learned about Search Engine Optimisation. We covered everything from Keyword Research, Content Creation, and Onsite Optimisation to Google Analytics and Link Building. Frank, George and Tobias are great trainers working in the field. They were always open to questions. This allowed us to have a full understanding of the concepts. I especially liked that they provided us with many free tools as this will help me to get started with my own projects.”

Johanna Maier Germany

The basic principles of SEO

For the last three weeks, I worked in the marketing department of the FU International Academy. Almost every morning started off with a seminar in which I learned how to write an Epic Blog Post. I also learned about the basic principles of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google AdWords and what it takes to convince a customer to buy your product.

Michelle Germany

Online marketing in a fun and interesting way

Our mentors Orsi, Sarah, Frank and Marc were very nice and always ready to help us if we didn't understand the tasks. They presented online marketing in a fun and interesting way. I also liked that every seminar in these 21 days was different. We also learned how to use different tools like Canva, Trello, WordPress and much more.

Anja Slovenia

The best experience of my life

The training at SEOintheSUN was the best experience of my life. I learned so many different things and I‘m sure that the certificate that I hold in my hands will be very important for my future career.

Federico Italia

Everything was perfect

The course was great. I really enjoyed and learned important new things. All the teachers were really prepared and the content was well distributed. I have to emphasise I enjoyed the materials, mainly the audits. They will help me a lot. Overall, everything was perfect!

Thiago Turini Brasil

A once in a lifetime experience

It has been an amazing experience and during the seminars, I have learned how to use different tools such as Canva and PhotoScape. I really enjoyed our weekend excursions to Loro Parque and Mount Teide. This has been a once in a lifetime experience and I will never forget it.

Chloe United Kingdom

SEOintheSUN was extremely effective and useful

Although I’ve expected a more laid-back approach it turned out that the time invested in SEOintheSUN was extremely effective and useful. Frank helped us rethink our entire website, Orsi helped us get a better overview of our social networking activities and Semmy talked about SEO and related issues. The seminar turned into consulting and most of the advice we got will be implemented in our daily business.

Ivan Croatia

Very competent and helpful instructors

Great information and hands-on-training from very competent and helpful instructors! And that also in a very nice location, I highly recommend it!

Sebastian Leder Germany

The seminars were interesting and engaging

SEOintheSUN seminars were interesting and engaging, and the trainers are really friendly and approachable. If you’re new to internet marketing, taking these seminars is a great way to get you started in the right direction, while also meeting like-minded people and discovering the beautiful island of Tenerife.

Petar Rastovic Croatia

Well-prepared presentations & real-life examples

Even though we were teachers of different subjects with different levels of prior knowledge about the topic, we all found the lectures informative and captivating, yet easy enough to follow. All the lectures were supported by well-prepared presentations, real-life examples and first-hand experience as all the teachers from FU International Academy and SEOintheSUN also do what they teach.

Group of teachers Slovenia

Extend your horizon in business life

One thing I know for sure, what I learned at SEOintheSUN will always accompany me in my career. I am so grateful for it and I recommend to everyone, who wants to extend the horizon in business life.

Adriana Romania

They really know about their topics

I had a really nice time during my SEO Boot Camp week. Frank, Tobias and George gave an overview of interesting things like Keyword Research, Content Marketing, Onsite Optimization, Google Analytics and Link Building. They were very open to questions and it was obvious that they really know about their topics. To apply and practice the newly learned material, we had the opportunity to use a lot of free tools they provided. I really learned a lot and enjoyed my stay!

Lisa Pohlmeier Germany

I will cherish the memories

The mentors here (Orshy, Sarah, Frank, Mark) were explaining everything very well and were patient with us. I will cherish the memories from here and try to remember everything I learned from here to use it for my future career, even though I don’t know what that exactly is yet I know that the knowledge I gained from here will be useful to me.

Aljaz Slovenia

I absolutely recommend this company

We had a really good time during the course organized by SEOintheSUN and we learned a lot interesting and useful things connected with digital marketing and educational usage of IT tools. Our Trainers from SEOintheSUN were very competent, friendly and helpful. I absolutely recommend this company.

Magdalena Poland

The teachers’ passion for the topics encouraged me

I had a fantastic week studying the different fields of Digital Marketing at SEOintheSUN. Especially as being new to the topic, this was a perfect start and I gained many new insights on SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media etc. All the contents, strategies and tools were explained and trained very well. Moreover, the special learning atmosphere at FU International in Tenerife and the teachers’ passion for the topics encouraged me to get the most out of it. I am now very motivated to learn, experience and try out even more in Digital Marketing. Thanks to all the staff for this awesome experience!

David Limmer Germany

It was more than I expected!

I thought this is one of the most professional courses I have ever attended. I’m glad I attended this course and I will suggest it to others who are interested. It was more than I expected. Thank you!

Angele Debono Malta

It really enhanced my knowledge

I really enjoyed the past two weeks in Tenerife as it really enhanced my knowledge and skills in digital marketing. I met new people and developed new friendships, this was good as we got to learn about their culture and how it differs from our own.

Alisha United Kingdom