What did you want to become when you were young? A rock star? An astronaut? A firefighter?

We all went to this phase. Why did we choose those careers? We thought they would be FUN!

And they probably still are.

The Good News

“It´s never too late to be what you might have been.” ~ George Eliot

A passion for Online Marketing will blow you away and inspire you every day. It is a job for life. Here’s why:

  • You are creative! Whether you prefer writing, graphics, website design, layouts, display ads or videos, you can play around and try out endless possibilities.

  • You are sociable! Online Marketing is the link between your clients, their products and the public. You are constantly in contact with interesting people. You’ll connect, exchange experiences and enjoy the feeling of creating something new together.

  • You are up-to-date! Change stimulates you and new strategies make the job interesting and challenging.

  • You are successful! Just a quick look at the statistics can get you addicted and it motivates you to do better all the time.

  • You are needed EVERYWHERE, worldwide and in every industry. Your work allows you countless opportunities for specialisation. You just have to choose the sector where you feel most comfortable.

  • You are unconventional! Stop doing the same tasks all the time. You don’t do “bog standard” – your projects are exciting and interesting.

  • You are free! You only need a computer and an internet connection for work from anywhere. Therefore you can work from anywhere, wherever you would like to be.

  • …. And: You are cool ?  Without boasting one can say that people who are passionate about marketing are usually fun, in the best possible ways ?

work from everywhere

Bright Prospects

Marketing is a young business which is in a constant state of evolution and development. You’ll meet academics, career changers, a few old buffers and maybe some artists in disguise. Because of the rapid changes in the digital world there’s still a lot to be discovered. 

One thing is certain: Companies and agencies are always searching for experts with experience in the field of internet marketing. Apart from the joy of working you will get something else – great job opportunities! 

The best jobs go to applicants with work experience. With our unique combination of courses, workshops and training, the “Online Marketing Expert Course” provides you with a definite advantage in the national and international market. 

With this skill you will stand out from the crowd because you will have learned directly from experienced, passionate experts. The knowledge we have gained over several years  will be made accessible to you in a few weeks.  Someone out there is desperately searching for you – yes, for real, in EVERY industry in the world!

Sunny prospects are not only for waiting for you after your training, but also while you are here with us on ”The Island of Eternal Spring” – Tenerife. Would you like to take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean during your break? Try salsa or surfing, and stock up on some sunshine? The graduates of SEOintheSUN agree: you couldn’t learn in a better place!

I am sure that you want to become an Online Marketer now ? And to make the decision easier for you – Here are our top 10 reasons why you should choose Tenerife for you first stop.

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