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in Tenerife

5 Days (30 hours) – max. 12 participants – Beginners / Intermediate
For Individuals | ERASMUS+ Staff | Bildungsurlaub


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The World’s Most Intensive SEO Training!

Intensive Training

So, you are a hard worker and you want to learn as much as you can in the shortest time possible? Well, our SEO Bootcamp is perfect for you!

Get in-depth seminars, live demonstrations and workshops for 1 week – 6 hours a day.

The result: You will be able to work as an SEO magician and improve the rankings and traffic of  your own and your client’s websites.

Get Trained by Our SEO Specialists

Frank Sellingsloh
Frank SellingslohFounder of SEOintheSUN
Since 1999, I have been an enthusiastic online marketer. I could spend my whole day (in fact I do) reading and thinking about marketing tactics & strategies. But what I like even more than learning about digital marketing, is teaching it to others. What could be better than sharing this knowledge and watching students learn, develop and grow as a new generation of digital marketers?
Content Marketing 90%
Onpage SEO 93%
Marc Lange
Marc LangeSEO Manager
I started working at SEOintheSUN in 2017 during a project for 6 weeks, and I enjoyed my work here so much that I came back and stayed for good. I like working “under the hood”, therefore my main responsibilities in SEO and website maintenance are the perfect fit for me.
SEO Reporting 96%
Keyword Research 94%
George Lewington
George LewingtonSEO Consultant
For me SEO is not only a job, it’s also a game! I love the way all the pieces come together in the end. I have worked on some websites that rank highly in profitable searches, in a range of industries. Built into my client SEO business are systems with an outsourced team behind me.
Local SEO 96%
Linkbuilding 90%

Learn Years’ Worth of Knowledge in a Week!


Introduction Day to Search Engine Optimization

  • Introduction to SEO  – Why it is essential? – 45 min Seminar
  • The Most Important Ranking Factors in 2018 – 45 min Seminar
  • SEO Show Cases – 45 min Demonstration
  • The Online Marketers Preparation Workshop I  – 45 min Workshop
  • Free Software & SEO Extensions for Google Chrome / Firefox – 45 min Workshop
  • Using SEO Tools  – Practical Training

We explain how SEO evolved over the years, what exactly it is in 2018, and why it’s still one of the most important areas in digital marketing.

In the Online Marketer’s Preparation Workshop, you will install the most important software tools and browser extensions and learn how to use them effectively.


On-Page SEO as The Foundation for Good Rankings

  • The Complete List of On-Page Elements – 90 min Seminar
  • Best Practice: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page – 45 min Demonstration
  • On-Page Audit Case Study / Site Clinic – 45 min Workshop
  • On-Page / Website Check (TBD) – 45 min Workshop
  • On-Page Optimization (TBD) – Practical Training

Being able to optimize a website properly is an indispensable skill. It is the building block of any good SEO campaign and will improve your website rankings right away. Here, you will learn how to structure the different subtopics of any website for maximum visibility and how to keyword optimize your content the right way.

You’ll wrap up your day with hands-on practical training, where you will work independently to create your own On-Page Optimization.


Keyword Research & Content Creation

  • Understanding Keyword Searches – 45 min Seminar
  • Keyword Research – Best Practices – 45 min Demonstration
  • Introduction to Content Marketing – 45 min Seminar
  • Outline of an Evergreen Blog Post Based on Research – 45 min Workshop
  • Development of a Content Strategy – 45 min Demonstration
  • Plan Your Next 12 Blog Posts Based on Keyword Research – Practical Training

Smart keyword research can be the difference between a good campaign and a great campaign. We will teach you how to find the ‘low hanging fruit’ keywords – ones that are highly profitable and require less work.

We will introduce you to the concepts of Content Marketing and you will understand how to optimize your content to please both, your users and Google’s Hummingbird algorithm. 

In the workshop, you will learn how to write an evergreen blog post that will drive constant traffic to your page. At the end of the day you will know how to develop a Content Strategy and you can start planning your blog posts based on a Keyword Research.


Link Building And Local SEO

  • The Value of Links in SEO – 45 min Seminar
  • Website Links Analysis (plus Competition) – Case Study  – 45 min Demonstration
  • 7 Working Link Building Tactics in 2018 – 45 min Demonstration
  • Introduction to Local SEO – 45 min Seminar
  • Google My Business Optimisation & Citations – 45 min Workshop + Practical Training

You will learn the big picture of what Google is looking for in 2018. We will examine factors such as links, social signals and user metrics, and break down the strength of your own and your competitor’s website links in a systematic approach.  Learn about our Nº1 link building strategy where we focus on giving Google the ‘perfect’ link.

We will introduce you to the concept of Local SEO. In the workshop you will undertake Google My Business Optimization and Citations.


Web Analytics – Tracking & Measuring Success of SEO

  • Introduction to Web Analytics – 45 min Seminar
  • Most Important Elements of Google Search Console – 45 min Demonstration
  • Most Important Elements of Google Search Analytics – 45 min Demonstration
  • Automated Reporting with Google Search Console & Google Analytics – 45 min Workshop
  • Creating a Keyword Ranking Status Report with Google Search Console – 45 min Workshop
  • Analysing Your Own Google Analytics & Google Search Console Data – Practical Training

Being able to read marketing data means better decisions and more profitable websites. With Google Analytics, we will show you how to accurately measure the value of different traffic sources. You will be able to learn about your visitor demographics and be able to anticipate their needs better. We will also dive into Google Webmaster tools, which is Google’s direct line of communication to your site.  

In the workshop, you will learn how to setup automated SEO reports for your or your client’s website.

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The 3 Pillars of Our Teaching Success


In our seminars, we work with presentations and teach you the theory and the WHY of digital marketing and its elements.


We will show you in our live demonstrations how we plan campaigns, create content, build a landing page, etc.


In the workshops, you will implement what you’ve learned before. We will be there looking over your shoulder to correct you.

Got some spare time after your classes?

Join our free weekly leisure activities …

  • Monday 2:30 pm – Visit to the Botanical Garden

  • Tuesday 2:30pm – Flamenco lessons

  • Thursday 2:30 pm – Salsa lessons

  • Friday 4 pm (winter) / 6 pm (summer) – Beach Volleyball

  • Weekends – There are plenty of things to do on the weekends.

    From local fiestas or pub crawls to hikes or sunbathing on the beach, the island of eternal spring surely has something for everyone.

  • People playing ping pong
  • Woman in nature taking photo
  • Hikers on Teide
  • Surfer smiling
  • People swimming on Tenerife
  • Beach Volleyball Players
  • Salsa Lessons
  • Flamenco Lessons
  • Botanical Garden

… or let us organize the best experiences Tenerife has to offer:


Teide Tour

Visit the highest mountain in Spain.

Excursion to The Teide National Park

You will visit La Orotava (a picturesque historic town close to Puerto de la Cruz). Then this will be followed by a visit to the Teide National Park with its dramatic volcanic landscape.


Masca Hike

Walk down along the gorge of Masca.

Masca Hiking & Boat Trip

You will take part in the 4-hour hiking tour passing through the impressive gorge of Masca until you reach the beach. After arriving at the ocean, a boat will take you to Los Gigantes.


Loro Parque

Once a parrot parque, now a zoo.

Loro Parque - Europe's Best Zoo

In the Loro Parque, you will see a combination of magnificent animals and the biggest parrot collection in the world. You will be able to enjoy spectacular animal shows throughout the day.


Siam Park

The Water Kingdom of Tenerife.


You will spend one day at the biggest water park in Europe enjoying lots of exciting water attractions. The highlight of Siam Park is the “Tower of Power” which is 28 meters high.


Whale and dolphin tour on the west coast.

Whale Watching On A Catamaran

In a 4.5-hour excursion, you will enjoy sailing on a catamaran from where you can spot whales and dolphins. While at the Masca Bay, you will be able to go for a swim.


Surf Lessons

10 hours of surfing for beginners.

Surfing for Beginners

You will spend some afternoons in the rolling waves on our local beach. Trained teachers will introduce you to this exciting water sport – in theory and in the ocean.



PADI Open Water Diver - beginners & advanced.

Diving Course at Tenerife's Coastline

Qualified instructors will introduce you to the magnificent underwater world around Tenerife for 1 or 2 weeks. There’s a whole new world just waiting to be discovered.



Flying in tandem over Tenerife's landscape.

Paragliding Tandem Flight

With one of your fully qualified instructors, you will fly in a tandem from one of Tenerife’s various vantage points. Catch the thermals and enjoy the dramatic landscape.

Former SEO Students at SEOintheSUN Loved The Training


The seminars were interesting and engaging

SEOintheSUN seminars were interesting and engaging, and the trainers are really friendly and approachable. If you’re new to internet marketing, taking these seminars is a great way to get you started in the right direction, while also meeting like-minded people and discovering the beautiful island of Tenerife.

Petar Rastovic Croatia

Being aware of the importance of SEO

The SEO Boot Camp gave me a really detailed overview of SEO. I was a complete beginner when I came to Tenerife and, after a one week course at SEOintheSUN, I left the island with a bunch of new knowledge that will help me to optimize our company’s webpage. I’m now aware of the importance of SEO and of how many mistakes we were making. Our trainers gave us interesting examples from their digital marketing experience. This made the course even more exciting. Besides the gained knowledge, I extremely enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere at SEOintheSUN. I would definitely recommend this course to all SEO beginners!

Katarina Kovac Slovenia

They really know about their topics

I had a really nice time during my SEO Boot Camp week. Frank, Tobias and George gave an overview of interesting things like Keyword Research, Content Marketing, Onsite Optimization, Google Analytics and Link Building. They were very open to questions and it was obvious that they really know about their topics. To apply and practice the newly learned material, we had the opportunity to use a lot of free tools they provided. I really learned a lot and enjoyed my stay!

Lisa Pohlmeier Germany

A full understanding of the concepts

“I took part in the one-week SEO Boot Camp and had a wonderful experience. I am really happy about how much I learned about Search Engine Optimisation. We covered everything from Keyword Research, Content Creation, and Onsite Optimisation to Google Analytics and Link Building. Frank, George and Tobias are great trainers working in the field. They were always open to questions. This allowed us to have a full understanding of the concepts. I especially liked that they provided us with many free tools as this will help me to get started with my own projects.”

Johanna Maier Germany

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In order to complete your registration for a course, you will be required to pay the full amount for the course and, if booked, the accommodation at the time of registration.

Payment Options

  1. Via bank transfer using the information given below. All transfers must clearly indicate the applicant’s full name and invoice number so that he or she can be easily identified for future reference.

Account holder: Formación FU S.L.
Bank Address: Carretera Botánico s/n. La Paz. Puerto de la Cruz.
Bank name: La Caixa
Account number: 2100 6971 5022 0005 7914
IBAN: ES16 2100 6971 5022 0005 7914

  1.  Pay per Paypal to

FUIA is not responsible for paying any bank charges – if these are outstanding at the start of the course, you will be asked to pay them. When we receive the payment or the payment confirmation, we will confirm the reservation and send all the necessary information to the required parties prior to the student’s arrival.

Cancellation Conditions

All cancellations must be made in written form. The cancellation date will be the date on which  FU International Academy receives the written cancellation. We strongly recommend that you arrange appropriate insurance coverage to protect yourself against the possibility of cancellation due to illness or accident.

Cancellation fees (course and accommodation)

Up to 29 days before the start of the course: 30% of full amount
28 days or less: 100% of full amount

FUIA will not refund any fees due to absence or illness.

Absence from classes: Missed classes will not be made up under any circumstances.

Booking changes: The student must pay a €50 administration fee for each request of a change in the course or accommodation.

Please click here to read the complete terms and conditions

Come to Tenerife with Erasmus+ Funds!

Erasmus+ can provide your school with funded opportunities to engage in international activities with lasting benefits for you as a school leader, your pupils, teachers, the school and the wider community. Funding is available in the form of grants which aim to contribute to activities supporting education and training within your school.

During the last 16 years FU International Academy Tenerife has gained copious experience in the organization of international projects with Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci and now Erasmus +. In 2017 we welcomed  over 300 participants consisting of staff from 15 different schools and pupils from 25 educational institutions. We aim to grow our numbers year on year!


  1. Travel costs: according to the Erasmus+ distance calculator
  2. Individual support: 60-120 €/day if you decide to come to Spain
  3. Course support: 70 €/training day (only in the case of school staff)
  4. Organizational support: 350 €/participant

Want to apply? Just send an online application by 2nd of February 2018 to your National Agency.

Here you have all the steps in order to prepare a successful application:

  1. Identify the person at your school who is responsible for staff development and find out if you are already registered on the Erasmus+ portal. Please note that you cannot apply for Erasmus+ funds individually, you have to apply in the name of your school.
  2. Check if your organization is registered at Erasmus+ and you have a PIC number. If not you can start here: Registration Our PIC number is: 948271904
  3. Download the application form: The application process is managed by the National Agency of where the applicant organisation or consortium is based. First select your country then download the application form from their platform.
  4. Ask us for a detailed program description: Contact our colleague, Orsi, at for our  template form in order to easily fill your application. Always mention what kind of project you are applying for!
  5. Submit the Application form digitally: The deadline is 2nd of February 2018, 12.00 AM Brussels time!

For further information, feel free to contact us at or if you would like to learn more about Erasmus+ for schools check out this document: A practical guide for school leaders.

Anerkannter Bildungsurlaub am Meer: Lerne Online Marketing auf Teneriffa!

Nutze die Gelegenheit und verbringe Deinen Bildungsurlaub in Spanien und lerne Online Marketing und SEO auf Teneriffa – Sonne, Strand und Kultur inklusive!