Some ambitious teaching staff members from Malta and a German coach joined our Erasmus Teacher Training as part of our Digital Marketing  Strategy Course on the 2nd of January.  

They were really excited about kicking off the new year with learning about digital marketing and taking part in exciting leisure activities while, in the midst of winter, enjoying the fantastic climate of Tenerife.

Meet Our First Erasmus Teacher Training Participants 

We hosted 7 teachers of Saint Joan Antide Primary School Gudja (Malta) and a coach from Germany who decided to deepen their knowledge in digital marketing.

We can say that this Erasmus staff mobility was a great success. Our participants really enjoyed their stay and by now are much more confident in digital marketing strategy.

School Staff Training FU

 “I loved the training! It was extremely interesting and the trainers were really helpful and knowledgeable. I look forward to start using these tools :)” – Adrienne Azzopardi

The Erasmus Staff Week in a Nutshell

Our teaching staff spent an exciting week with us in Tenerife. In the classroom they covered everything from how to improve their schools’ websites, how to create unique content to how to promote their schools on social media. Of course they also had a great leisure time and explored many activities that the beautiful island of Tenerife has to offer.

Improving Schools’ Websites

After having a nice welcome breakfast in FU Cafe, our participants started off their week with learning about the purpose of a school’s website, why it’s so crucial and how to build a digital marketing strategy around it.

Schools can provide a platform where parents, students and partner institutions can interact with one another. Sharing school news, events and offers becomes easier if we also focus on social media since it’s an important communication tool.

Our inbound marketing trainer, Cesar explained what makes a website outstanding. The teachers learned what the main aspects of designing a website are in order to ensure a great user experience.

“I think this is one of the most professional courses I have ever attended. I’m glad I decided to join this course and I suggested to others who are interested. It was more than I expected. Thank you!” – Angele Debono

Monday wasn’t only about studying as our participants also visited the botanical garden. There they could explore exotic plants imported from South America back in the days by a king, named Carlos III.

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Content Is King In Education

Our students performed their very first Onsite SEO Audit on Tuesday. They learned how to run keyword research and create successful headlines with the help of our CEO, Frank Sellingsloh.

Then our teaching staff learned why building landing pages is important.

When visitors click on a link they expect to be led to a certain webpage where they get the information they want. A landing page with an unexpected content would disappoint visitors and make them leave your website. Frank also shared the secret of blog creation with the students.

People have always loved story-telling and even now that’s the easiest way to digest information and learn about the world we live in. Blogs can play an important role in decision making: Parents might choose to enroll their kids into your school because your content proves your expertise!

Win-Win Situation For Schools and Parents

An important part of our Erasmus teacher training was how to implement a content marketing strategy, so readers get quality content and the school meets its goals. Knowing who you are writing to, means you can tailor your message to your target audience. 

That’s what we call a win-win situation. Providing quality content will attract visitors to your website and decrease PPC (Pay Per Click) when using AdWords.

Our friends didn’t miss the opportunity to hang out on Wednesday either. After this productive study day, the bold ones surfed the waves of the Atlantic Ocean which is quite warm thanks to the sub-tropical weather we enjoy in Tenerife.

Teachers Using Social Media like a Pro

Next up, the attendees of our Erasmus teaching mobility learned how to communicate with their students and why it is important.

Studies show that 90% of millennials go online daily. They don’t go online actually, they live online. They are also more likely to turn to social media when they need advice which is a great opportunity for schools to have an impact in the lives of students and parents.

Our lovely Social Media Trainer Orsi Vitos taught students how to analyse target audiences and create a social media strategy. Orsi also emphasised the importance of research conducted on Buyer Personas and setting up SMART Goals which means that you need to declare goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-based.

One needs to design clear plans, otherwise, it’s impossible to measure a campaign’s outcome. Makes sense, right?

The teaching staff learned that the different social media channels require different forms and type of content and frequency in terms of sharing.

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Great information and hands-on-training from very competent and helpful instructors! And all of it in a very nice location, I highly recommend it! – Sebastian Leder

The Staff’s Very First Facebook Campaign

On Thursday Orsi walked our participants through Facebook advertising which was the next part of our Erasmus teacher training. It’s one of the most effective and cheapest way of paid advertising.

What makes it extremely efficient is that Facebook allows you to target your audience based on demographics, behaviour, interest etc. The coolest part is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad or you pay a fix amount for a certain amount of impression while your budget is set. It means you have everything under control.

Unlike traditional marketing, paid online advertising enables you to track conversion and improve your campaigns therefore you can also increase ROI (Return on Investment).

Students learned how to design catchy headlines and ads based on segmentation. Their practice didn’t finish with uploading the right size of videos and photos but they also run analytics to measure the results in order to optimise ads.

Climbing a Volcano and Visiting Dolphins

Since Friday was public holiday in Spain, we decided to organise a fascinating hike in Teide Natural Park. Teide is the 3rd highest volcano in the world with a spectacular environment. Our teachers were amazed by the view and by the diversity of different plant species they saw.

Hike Volcano Teide Tenerife

Saturday was already the end of the Erasmus Staff Mobility. Our teachers took the day to visit Tenerife’s very own animal kingdom, Loro Parque which according to TripAdvisor is the best zoo in Europe.  A dolphin show, exhibitions and so much more entertained them before heading to the airport.

Staying in Tenerife

We provided accommodation that was only a couple minutes walk from the academy. Our participants lived in single rooms and could therefore enjoy their privacy whenever they wanted so.

Our flats are also near to the city center and the beach, so going out and finding the perfect bars with great music or restaurants with mouthwatering tapas is a piece of cake.

Outcomes of a Successful Erasmus Staff Week

During the week our students mastered new skills which are necessary to run successful digital marketing strategy  and to leverage technology in order to attract visitors to their websites and convert prospects into leads. They learned why it is important to communicate with their students and their parents.

Participants of our Erasmus Teacher Training learned how to execute website and Onsite SEO audits. By now they are also able to design catchy headlines, run target audience research, create a Social Media Strategy and kick off Facebook Campaigns.

They have also expanded their network, strengthened the relationship with others and returned back to their countries with a lifetime experience.

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