Welcome to The Dreamworld of Digital Marketing

“FREEDOM!” That is the famous cry of the hero in the Hollywood Classic “Braveheart”.

The desire for freedom is still deeply rooted inside all of us, although hopefully things won’t be quite so dramatially for you.

But what does it take to be really free?

Freedom is a life without threats and oppression. But this sought-after ideal can do much more. It can inspire us to ask “What if…”.

For example:

What if…

  • I could organise my daily routine to suit myself?

  • I could work in a sector that stimulate me day out, that I would really love?

  • I could make good money doing it?

  • I could decide myself when, where and who I work for and choose which projects to work on?

Then…all that is left for us to say is:

Welcome to Online Marketing! All these choices can be yours!

If you want to apply your skill and knowledge as a freelance expert in Online Marketing you can obtain four types of freedom:

  • Financial freedom

  • Creative Freedom

  • Geographical freedom and

  • Freedom of time!

Financial Freedom

We have mentioned it several times before, and would like to repeat it, simply because it’s so relevant: Online Marketing is one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world and its potential is constantly rising.

  • Advertisers spent $72.09 billion on U.S. digital advertising in 2016, while TV spending accounted for $71.29 billion. This give digital a 36.8% share in media ad spending, slightly higher than TV’s 36.4%. (Forbes)

  • The average adult in the UK spends nearly nine hours of each day on media and communication according to the latest figures from Ofcom.

  • B2C e-commerce sales worldwide are rising constantly – from 1.058 to 2.356 billion dollar between 2012 to 2018 (Statista)

  • Bloggers and social influencers have more influence on the purchasing decisions of consumers, than celebrities. (Memeburn)

To sum it up: Online Marketing has become one of the fundamental success factors influencing sales figures. No matter if it is the bakery around the corner or a multi-million dollar business in Boston – any enterprise wanting to make money must bring their products to the attention of the public. Online Marketing is the most cost effective and efficient medium. And that is where your advantage lies.

As an independent Online Marketing expert, you are your own boss. Your hourly wage rises with your experience you gain and the quality of your work. If both of these factors add up, you are looking at a rosy future.

Control your finances, build up a foundation for the value of your work and decide for yourself what work volume to take on – THAT is financial freedom!

Creative Freedom

Did curve sketching and Stochastical ball-counting drive you crazy back in college?

Do you want to do something in your professional life that you really care about?

We agree! Use your creativity and your skills! Approach your projects with enthusiasm! As an Online Marketer you can choose what you do.  Do you like to write and have you wanted to specialize in blogging and influence purchase decisions? Or are you more a strategic thinker of Google Adwords or Analytics? Maybe you are more of an artist and you like creating websites, graphics or videos.

Work on projects that suit you! – THAT is creative freedom!

happy people 2

Geographical Freedom

The cold neon light glares in your eyes after last night’s party. Your company computer has passed its peak and next door Mrs.Thompson is going through the copier manual with the intern for the third time. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but who actually likes a dusty office atmosphere?

Wouldn’t you prefer to relocate to another country every once in a while? Experience a sense of freedom? Discover the world? If you specialise in Marketing and become your own boss, it is very easy. In order to work you just need a laptop and an internet connection.

Work where you want to. Set up a stylish office in the middle of the city centre, design a comfy home office with a view of the kids playing in the garden or lean back in a deck chair with your laptop on your knees. Thanks to technology, working in Online Marketing does not depend on any geographical location. Take advantage of this and enjoy the new world of work – THAT is geographical freedom!

Freedom of time

As the saying goes – Time is money! And both are quantifiable. In our modern society, one appointment follows the other, one shift follows another, and holidays never seem to come quick enough. When you come home from work the day is usually already over, and this routine goes on every day until the weekend.

Freelancers dance to a different rhythm. There are deadlines but within these time frames it is up to you when you do your work.

  • Are you up with the lark and like to complete your “to-do’s” first thing in the morning so you can enjoy the afternoon in the park, at the beach or at the gym?

  • Or are you an owl, just getting started at midnight, but know where you can all-day brunch?

  • Are you an enemy of 8-hour days,preferring to divide your work into small chunks?

  • Have you planned a long holiday and want to work extra now in order to be able to let your soul take a rest at a later date?

As an independent marketing expert you can do all that and structure your day as you like – THAT is freedom of time!

As you can see, working in the marketing sector offers incredible advantages and freedoms. We at SEOintheSUN would like to help you build a solid foundation for all this. Our seminars put you on a sure footing so that in the future, as your own boss, you can forge your career as an Online Marketing specaialist – with expertise and a bright future ahead of you.

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