My name is Frank Sellingsloh and I’m the founder of SEOintheSUN.

I love, breathe, and teach digital marketing every day and wouldn’t change my work for anything else in the world.

Since 2010, my team and I have been teaching digital marketing to hundreds of students here in Tenerife.

We have developed unique training programmes that combine daily online seminars and workshops with practical training lessons.

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience and, over a short period of time, learn what has taken us years to master.

See you in the Sun…

Online Marketing Apprenticeship Programme

6 or 12 weeks

Seminars, workshops, and practical training – daily from 9 – 17h
3 different practical training options
Lots of free activities (Salsa, beach volleyball, etc.)
Various accommodation options incl. shared flats
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2 Week SEO Bootcamp – The World’s Most Intensive and Practical SEO Training

Seminars & workshops – daily from 9 – 15h
Free use of coworking spaces afterwards
Lots of free activities (Salsa, beach volleyball, etc.)
Various accommodation options incl. shared flats
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“Coworking in the Sun” 365 Days A Year
Coworking & Coliving Spaces

Free fully equipped soundproof room, meeting rooms, lounge, etc
Lots of free activities (Salsa, beach volleyball, etc.)
Various accommodation options incl. shared flats
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“SEOintheSUN was a good start to my dual studies. I chose the program after my high school graduation. Within six weeks, I learned a lot about Online Marketing (including SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing and Affiliate Marketing). Now, I can see myself being able to make money with it. In addition, I was able to meet nice people and have a great time in Tenerife.”
Lucien Gharbi

“I began enjoying my three weeks in Puerto de la Cruz from the very beginning. The organisation of the work was great. I would like to thank everybody, especially the teachers, who were always on-hand and helpful. I learned a lot about the world of Online Marketing. In my opinion, its concepts are very important for the future. The programme was enriched by the Spanish course that was included. I would definitely recommend this experience!”

Francesco Bigerna

“I have been working as a graphic and media designer for ten years. Creating products for marketing purposes is part of my job, and that’s why I decided to enroll on the SeointheSun Online Marketing Expert Course in Tenerife. I wanted to widen my knowledge, and I knew this course would prove to be very useful to my job. Our instructors were always willing to assist – both verbally and through demonstrations. I had a great time with my colleagues at SEOintheSUN in Tenerife.”

Alice Dieckhoff

“At the beginning of the SEOintheSUN course, I had the same knowledge of online topics as every other average daily user. After 3 months of participating in the course, I can say that I have received a comprehensive overview of Online Marketing and I will now dare to seek a job in this field. The programme allowed me to obtain expert knowledge. At the same time, I was able to refresh my language knowledge and make new friends.”

Lydia Lübke
“During the 3-month internship (with a Basic and Advanced Course), I received a comprehensive insight into the world of online marketing and SEO. I received my certificate (B1.4 level) from the FU Academy, which is a Cervantes Institute accredited language school, because of the additional language course that I completed. I enjoyed my time in Tenerife and gained a very valuable experience.”
Alicia Ebel

“The SEOintheSun project was a great experience for me! I learned a lot of new things and gained valuable tips that you typically wouldn’t learn at university. The training was led by friendly coaches who shared their knowledge with passion. I also enjoyed the island and was able to improve my Spanish skills significantly. I would recommend this course to everyone!”

Katharina Drazek

“During my three months internship, I received comprehensive insight into online marketing and SEO. The team was very competent and super friendly; I felt as if I was in good hands from the first day. Thanks to the integrated Spanish course, I also got an A1 level certificate which is recognized worldwide. A great time with great people who had plenty of expertise.“

Anne Schmidt

“My three months intensive course at SEOintheSUN was definitely worth the investment of time and money. I completed the Basic and Advanced course with no prior knowledge of the topics. Now I know a lot about SEO, I can speak Spanish, and I also met people with diverse mentalities. I recommend this programme in every way possible.”

Ivana Brcina

“As part of my Bachelor thesis on SEO for the relaunch of a company website, I had the option of taking my education in online marketing to a higher level and gaining a lot of experience during my three months in Tenerife. Due to the pleasant work atmosphere in the company, I felt at ease and enjoyed my time there to the fullest.”

Sabrina Rehenberger

“I learned a lot in the 13 weeks I spent in Tenerife – both in the areas of Online-Marketing and the Spanish language. The structure of the Online-Marketing courses and the training was very good. Every week there was a new focus point. I had an exciting task: the supervision of a website including everything that comes with it (content, SEO, CMS, WordPress, Marketing). Exactly the experience I expected from this internship!”

Kristofer Klein

“The SEOintheSUN programme was very interesting, especially the aspect concerning advanced SEO. The course structure is well-planned and all the participants were able to follow it easily. After the theoretical part, I was able to apply my knowledge to my own projects. This combination of skills was very important for the learning process.”

Juliane M.

“I really enjoyed the program. I was immediately able to put the expertise (and tricks) on SEO, SEM & SMO into practice during the the practical part. The trainers are very friendly and professional. Tenerife offers a lot of leisure activities and I had a wonderful time. I would recommend the seminar to everyone.”

Volker T.

“The SEOintheSUN training is groundbreaking! The training team was very effective in teaching the principles of online marketing to the participants, thereby allowing them to develop their personal skills. The high quality of this course results from the combination of theory and practice. Moreover, the training greatly facilitates career entry and job prospects.”

Tatjana Hohl
“Although I’ve expected a more laid back approach it turned out that the time invested in SEOintheSUN was extremely effective and useful. We had just enough free time to stay in shape for the work challenges that Frank and his team put in front of us. Frank helped us rethink our entire website, Orsi helped us get a better overview of our social networking activities and Semmy talked about SEO and related issues. The seminar turned into consulting and most of the advice we got will be implemented in our daily business.”
Ivan Plačko, managing director, TICM
“The seminar at SEOintheSUN was a great opportunity to get an inside view of our digital marketing strategy in the company and learn about effective approaches, methods and tools in communication with our target groups. Frank, Orsolya and Semmy generously shared their knowledge and were always ready to give an advice about any digital marketing related issue during the seminar.”
Goran Levačić, head of incubation and education, TICM

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